Photographs that captivate

Photos can say volumes about you. Interesting. Smart. Creative. Passionate. Do yours say what you want? Are you embarrassed of your outdated social media profile pic, the one your colleague took several years ago with their cell phone? Ugh, that hairstyle was so three years ago. Does your website, CV or promotional material convey the right message to the people you want to reach? When you are ready for professional images that let your unique style and personality shine, Contentalist can help. Even if you dread the camera. Relax.

Modern portraits & professional headshots

Today’s clients, investors, employers, referral sources and board members want to know who you are before they agree to a first meeting. The way you present yourself on your CV, website and social media can encourage them to get to know you, build relationships and develop trust. Do your photos make the right first impression? Do they spark a connection and encourage them to learn more? If it’s time for attention-grabbing portraits and headshots that show who you are and what you are made of, you have come to the right place.

  • Personalized photoshoot focused on you and your story
  • Pre-shoot strategy session
  • Images that align with your personality and goals


Laughter often erupts during photoshoots around here. Even among those who loathe having their picture made. Don’t be surprised to crack a smile and say “Wow, that was fun.” Finally, you can replace your outdated photos with new ones you will be proud to share.

Branding photography

Are you among the savvy ones ready to take your game to a whole new level with branding photography? Bravo. You know it’s time to give your audience a closer, more intimate look at you and your business. Captivating images that offer an insider’s view into what you do, why you do it and what makes you unique. Important little details that bring your brand’s story to life and connects them to it. What an exciting decision you have made. Let’s talk about what is on your mind and how Contentalist can capture special elements that make you and your business memorable.

  • Pre-shoot strategy session
  • Image planning that aligns with your brand’s story and messaging
  • Customized photoshoot designed around you and your goals
  • Attention-grabbing images that encourage your audience get to know you and your business
  • Personalized photos that tell your unique story

An invitation

Isn’t it time to replace your outdated photos with professional images that capture your distinct spirit and style? Let’s talk about the possibilities.

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